Frispy Fresh’n’Crispy

Frispy was born from the desire to have something healthy, yummy and fun 
a quick snack between meals.
With the proposal of something done for the bustle of the city, but with the benefits of the countryside.

     At the same time it brings something new to the market, with another concept and another vision.


     What inspires?

     The lack of the market for fun snacks and the lack of choice for tasty and nutritious snacks.
     Frispy seeks to bring the concept of healthy, joyful and fun with quality, sustainability and the pride of being part of that brand.

Know our values and how we will make the world a healthier and more fun place.

•Innovate: Products, Communication, Business, Processes
•Inspiring: Consumers, Customers, Employees, Suppliers
•Growing: Satisfaction, Performance, Scope, Results
•Evolve: To be tomorrow better than we are today
All done for you and thinking of you.

Healthy products to bring joy to your daily life, without lactose, no gluten, zero cholesterol, no peanuts, 100% vegan and no transgenics.
Our vision is: Become a reference in healthy, fun and innovative foods in Brazil and in the World.