Dehydrated vegetable snack mix
100% integrals

It is a healthy snack, crunchy and with unparalleled flavor.

It is free of gluten, lactose, trans fats, does not contain soy and other allergens, ideal to meet the market of food restrictions.

The consumption of 40g of Frispy Original equals 180g of the product in natura.

Frispy Carrots

This orange and vibrant Frispy has a soft aerated texture and unique sweet taste.
* Soft
* Tasty
* Colorful

Frispy Sweet Potato

The sweet potato Frispy is crispy and has the sweet natural flavor of sweet potatoes.
* Vegan
* Natural
* Healthy

Frispy Pod

Featuring a unique look, the Frispy features the pod as you've never seen it, light and a soft and delicate texture.
* Light
* Innovative
* Minimally processed

Frispy Purple potato

The purple potato Frispy has an exotic purple color and an unrivaled flavor.
* Fresh
* Different
* Funny